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“May You Always Dance Lightly” — Jonathan Lockwood Huie

So many things can go wrong on your wedding day. We know. We’ve seen it. It rains after you’ve had your hair fixed. The church door is locked when you arrive to put on your dress. You’re in in a hurry to take family pictures before the wedding and can’t get your dress zipped. Your husband forgot to take the tags off the bottom of his shoes. You have nothing blue, lost the veil, and could sure use a safety pin.

Remembering your wedding day as one filled with love, excitement and wonderful memories means planning a day that sets aside time for you to enjoy the moment. Whether you have decided to have your ceremony in an intimate garden, rustic barn or on a wind-swept beach, your unique setting presents a dilemma: where to prepare in a private space with all the support you need.

Ida Lou Weddings Mobile is a perfectly appointed vintage Airstream that provides a glamorous and private space that can be moved to just about any location. Seasoned bridal consultant Ashley L. Morra, the face behind Ida Lou, will give you the pampered experience you need on your special day. An intimate bridal setting and retreat that allows you to relax before walking down the aisle, Ida Lou adds that extra special pampering you need. Ashley and her assistant can help prep the gown and provide a private place for your make-up and hair stylists while you have customized refreshments. Chase away jitters with a pre-selected menu of pre-ceremony nibbles and rest easy knowing that Ida Lou is stocked with every emergency essential you might need from needle and thread to accessories.

After the ceremony, Ida Lou Weddings has the perfect space to change before and after your reception. Ida Lou’s team will take care of you while your wedding consultant’s team can assist with getting the venue picture perfect, acting as a liaison between the wedding consultant, bridal party and venues.

Let Ida Lou help you “dance lightly.”

Photograph courtesy of Marcus Anthony Photography

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A question often posed to me when asked about my business is, “Why did I choose to design a Bridal Suite around the 1950s? My typical answer usually goes along the lines, “I love the colors pink and teal; it’s a glamorous era; and the period represents the pinnacle of the Airstream. During these conversations, I never explained nor really understood how weddings and bridal gowns fit into my chosen era. It was not until I stumbled upon a documentary that I found the explanation my intuitive self.

One night, after becoming frustrated about selecting accessory pieces for a styled shoot, I decided to call it a night and watch the documentary, “Dior and I, “ about Raf Simons taking over as artistic director for the House of Christian Dior. Inspired to understand the driving force behind the fashion movement in the 1950s, I began my research.

Famous Women of the 1950s-

Did you know that eleven of our most famous Hollywood stars married during this decade? Audrey Hepburn, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Bette Davis, Natalie Woods, Jayne Mansfield, Ava Gardner, Bridgett Bardot, Debbie Reynolds and Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis influenced the bridal industry with their choices of style, color and embellishments. And let’s not overlook two major royal events: the coronation of Queen Elizabeth II and the marriage of actress Grace Kelly to the Prince Rainier of

The Golden Era for Bridal and Weddings

My research led me to conclude that the end of WWII spurred a so-called golden era for the bridal and fashion industries in the 1950’s. This unique time in history experienced an explosion in the number of weddings prompted by returning soldiers desire for companionship and family; creating a bottom-up movement in fashion, art and Hollywood. It also prompted Royalty and Hollywood greats to follow this trend.

The Rebirth of Femininity-

Christian Dior had the fortitude to understand the direction of post-war fashion by designing collections that emphasized femininity; naming them after flowers. By combining luxurious fabrics with exaggerated figure flattering styles, transforming the female image into a blossoming flower evoking both elegance and sex-appeal. These looks have become timeless styles that have transcended through the decades, remaining constant “images/ideas/envision” for brides when asked about their “ideal gown”

– Little did I know that a Friday night flick would define my vision.




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New Beginnings

Beginnings are unforgettable–the touch of a hand, the first kiss, or the first moment when you realized you were in love. Celebrating beginnings is exciting, and Ida Lou Weddings is taking that excitement on the road.

Ida Lou Weddings’ founder Ashley Morra brings new possibilities to these extraordinary events by transforming a vintage Argosy Airstream trailer into a one-of-a-kind bridal boutique and offering an array of special occasion opportunities.

About Ida Lou Weddings

Ida Lou Weddings brings style and Southern hospitality to your doorstep while you search for the perfect wedding, bridesmaid, mother-of the-bride, or debutante gown; prepare for the perfect photo shoot; or just want to create a special occasion with a unique setting. Partnering with local gown boutiques and weddings venues located in the Raleigh, Chapel Hill and Durham area, Ida Lou highlights the South’s distinctive and elegant taste and special venues. For retro looks, Ida Lou offers an array of modern and vintage gowns, rare vintage patterns, chic fabrics, glamorous accessories, and mid-century collectibles.

Come along for the ride

The mobile boutique is available for individualized appointments and is a perfect place to prepare for photo shoots or to enhance your special event. While you try on party dresses, wedding gowns, and other accessories, you and your guests will be able to relax and enjoy your experience in high-style–no rush, no pushy saleswoman, no stress of waiting in line. Ida Lou Mobile gives you the freedom to enjoy an appointment with friends and family members  when your schedule allows.

What inspired Ida Lou Weddings?

Seasoned bridal consultant Ashley Morra envisioned a business that offered clients an unforgettable experience. By partnering with local bridal boutiques, special occasion stores and wedding venues, Ida Lou Weddings brings gowns to customers in an intimate setting, or creates a private dressing room and unique setting for parties and photo shoots.

“Based on my experience in high-end fashion and retail,” says Morra, “I wanted to create an atmosphere that would take the stress out of shopping for the gown of your dreams. I knew that women are not just looking for a wedding dress; they are searching for a wedding experience. One day it dawned on me, why not convert an Airstream trailer into a bridal boutique and mobile dressing room?  After a brief search, I found an Airstream Argosy trailer which belonged to a young man in North Carolina who wanted to sell it in order to pay for his honeymoon. Karma?”

What once was old has been transformed into something new. Partnering with Roost Interior Designs and Clark Coppola Construction, Morra transformed the 1976 Argosy Airstream trailer into a bridal boutique powered by solar panels. The interior is reminiscent of an elegant mid-century boutique: 1950s furnishings, including velvet upholstery, Kroehler chairs, a full-length mirror, framed fashion illustrations by Anne Underwood, and hand-painted murals by Leslie Goodrich and Laura Lindsay.

“When I brought my Argosy and parked it in a holding location,” Morra added, “I realized it needed work–a lot of work. We stripped the interior–everything that was recognizable in an Argosy Airstream. The conversion was striking. And my team of craftsmen, designers, and mentors couldn’t have been more supportive.”

Check out our vendor list

Some amazing vendors helped make Morra’s life-long dream become a reality: Roost Interior Designs, Clark Coppola Construction, Libby McGowan Photography, Holt’s Interiors and Upholstery, Stylewise Drapery and Upholstery, Anne Underwood Illustrations, Leslie Goodrich Artist, Old Hag Antiques,  Amy Garrett, Katie Mallory and Keepsakes Framing.

Contact information

Join us as we celebrate our new beginning! To book your bridal consultation, contact Ashley Morra at address email

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