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Let Ida Lou help you “dance lightly”


“May You Always Dance Lightly” — Jonathan Lockwood Huie

So many things can go wrong on your wedding day. We know. We’ve seen it. It rains after you’ve had your hair fixed. The church door is locked when you arrive to put on your dress. You’re in in a hurry to take family pictures before the wedding and can’t get your dress zipped. Your husband forgot to take the tags off the bottom of his shoes. You have nothing blue, lost the veil, and could sure use a safety pin.

Remembering your wedding day as one filled with love, excitement and wonderful memories means planning a day that sets aside time for you to enjoy the moment. Whether you have decided to have your ceremony in an intimate garden, rustic barn or on a wind-swept beach, your unique setting presents a dilemma: where to prepare in a private space with all the support you need.

Ida Lou Weddings Mobile is a perfectly appointed vintage Airstream that provides a glamorous and private space that can be moved to just about any location. Seasoned bridal consultant Ashley L. Morra, the face behind Ida Lou, will give you the pampered experience you need on your special day. An intimate bridal setting and retreat that allows you to relax before walking down the aisle, Ida Lou adds that extra special pampering you need. Ashley and her assistant can help prep the gown and provide a private place for your make-up and hair stylists while you have customized refreshments. Chase away jitters with a pre-selected menu of pre-ceremony nibbles and rest easy knowing that Ida Lou is stocked with every emergency essential you might need from needle and thread to accessories.

After the ceremony, Ida Lou Weddings has the perfect space to change before and after your reception. Ida Lou’s team will take care of you while your wedding consultant’s team can assist with getting the venue picture perfect, acting as a liaison between the wedding consultant, bridal party and venues.

Let Ida Lou help you “dance lightly.”

Photograph courtesy of Marcus Anthony Photography

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